Your Printer as a Partner

4 08 2013

The general perception in the marketplace is that print is a commodity. You can go online and get your printing from a number of sites and for some this is a good and relevant option. But one thing to keep in mind is that they are only going to produce what you give them. They will give you ink on paper in return for your money, but they will not care if the design is less than optimal, or the messaging is muddy, or even if the color is consistent on repeat orders. The secret to their success is volume and your project along with many others are produced all together on one big press sheet.

This can be a problem if color accuracy is important in the sale of your product. Furniture or fabric are two items that come to mind. If the color of your product and the color of your print advertising are not the same, your product may be coming back after the sale. If you have a logo and branding that center around a specific color or look, you may find that over time your print collateral is not consistent in it’s appearance. This is not because people don’t care, it’s just a consequence of the process. This is the biggest reason that most companies that have a brand well known in the market will not choose an online printer, but one that that will print each item for them as a separate and distinct project and not combined with others.

Take a look at the print for your company’s marketing efforts. Is it communicating the value that you offer? Is it pleasing to look at and the type easy to read? Does it carry the message of your brand consistently over time? These are the things that a good printing company can help you with. We know what looks good, we know how to make it look good and we know how to make it work better. The more effective your print collateral works for you, the better value it becomes for your marketing spend.




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7 08 2013
Doug Bryant

I’ve sold print for 34 years. How many times I have seen color shifts in a logo or logo type color. In the printing world today digital printing color is a CMYK build and many specific PMS color requirements are not available. Many online printers will not or cannot produce an exact PMS target.

Price is important, but the online printer’s lowest cost usually is lacking customer service. And it is true statement that what a traditional printer bring to the table is expertise, which is not available with web to print solutions.

22 08 2013
28 08 2013
Carina Karlsson

Almost everything is available on-line today and thats a behavior customers to all kind of business are used to. I my opinion the challenge is to bring print online and accessible, and at the same time communicate the print know-how. And of course make money out of that knowledge.

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